White Noise Generators

Qt 200™

Qt 200 is a highly cost-effective sound masking solution for small to medium-sized projects. Its sleek design, integrated audio input and simple user interface make Qt 200 the perfect solution for applications ranging from spot treatments to 24,000 square feet of space.

Qt 600™

Qt 600 is a fully integrated sound masking solution that meets the requirements of any workspace, from single floor, multi-zone installations to large multi-building campuses of any complexity. Each module controls 6 zones, covering up to 72,000 square feet and includes 2 standard aux audio inputs for paging and/or music and is controlled via either the on box interface or the browser-based, networked software.

Qt 900/1500™

Qt 900/1500™ is an advanced audio system ideal for large workspaces with detailed sound masking, paging and/or music requirements. Ceiling-mounted direct field emitters uniformly project sound into desired areas of coverage. Qt 900/1500™ is controlled via an on-box interface or intuitive networked software.

Oasis Qt™

Oasis Qt™ is a plug-and-play direct field sound masking system. Ideal for offices ranging from 2,000 to 20,000 square feet, ceiling-mounted emitters project a uniform sound into desired areas of coverage. Oasis Qt™ is easy to install and controlled via an infrared remote.